Biocentric Principle

According to the Biocentric Principle, the universe exists because life exists and not the other way around. Life is not a consequence of atomic and chemical processes but of a guiding structure of the construction of the universe. The relationships of matter-energy transformation have been the integration of life.

From this vision, Rolando Toro speaks of the sacredness of life.

The Biocentric principle was developed by Rolando Toro Araneda in the 1970s

It tries to explain everything that exists depending on life, just as the geocentric paradigms (the earth is the centre of the universe), heliocentric (the Sun is the centre of the cosmos) and anthropocentric (man is the centre of creation) existed. The historical-cultural disconnection of the cosmic matrix of life is what has generated, over time, successive destructive cultural forms. Both the body-soul or matter-energy dissociation and the repression of the paradise experience have led to the profound existential crisis we are going through today in the world. In the Biocentric Principle life is the centre be it plant, animal, planet earth as Gaia – living organism – and the universe as a living being. We try to tune in to the information of life, from the cosmos to the cell, which is impregnated through instincts, organized differently for each species.