The Minotaur Project 2024

Rituals & Ceremonies to Open Up & Enhance our Life Experience

with Antoinette Lorraine
Saturday 24 February 11am - 8pm & Sunday 25 February 9.30am - 5pm
The Minotaur-Project represents a transformational work in Biodanza. Its methodology offers us access to our identity and a more abundant life by means of overcoming inner blocks. The labyrinth is an archetypal metaphor for our existence with its pathways and bends symbolizing the doubts and mysteries along our path of life.In Greek myth, The Minotaur is a creature with a human body and a bull’s head; Biodanza symbolizes our Minotaur as our wild and intuitive nature, which lives as a power within us. Our inner Minotaur is deeply wounded by cultural impacts – so very repressed. Our intuitive roots and power are encaptured by cultural anxieties.

We will re-establish contact with our elementary power, to free our inner Minotaur, to accept it and to cherish its beauty and strength

Our fear of this power reveals by various anxieties in every day life. By means of rituals in a safe and loving space, we meet our anxieties and

experience their transformation into courage and liberation.

Place: St Werburghs Primary School, Willows Site, James Street, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9US

Cost: £135 Reservations in Advance   antoinette@biodanza4all.com
*The Minotaur Project is a specialization of Antoinette Lorraine*
Biodanza for Couples with Antoinette Lorraine

'Awakening Eros'

Assisted by Francois Michels
Saturday 9 March 11am - 7.30pm & Sunday 10 March 10am - 5pm
The workshop is a celebration of love in couples. Whether the couple seeks to awaken and rekindle love and desire, or whether the couple wants to deepen and enhance relationship – This workshop will be an opportunity for the couple to recover all the parts again and to be together in the beautiful sensual love and intimacy of the moment in love and pleasure.

The weekend is non-residential and we recommend that you stay overnight in a hotel or guest house.

Please bring anything for your comfort: cushions, blanket, mat

Place: St Werburghs Primary School, Willows Site, James Street, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9US

Cost : £295 per couple | Reservations in Advance   antoinette@biodanza4all.com
Alejandro Balbi Toro (Argentina/Belgium)

Mythology & Archetypes

Dancing our Inner Gods & Goddesses
Saturday 23 March 12pm - 7pm & Sunday 24 March 10am - 5pm
Mythology provided the foundation and inspiration to the essential Biodanza approaches. The legacy of a wisdom that was lost with time and which was the primordial intuition of the people at the beginning of humanity. The sacredness of nature, the joy of living, the power of music, the love of humanity – we can look for inspiration within these Mysteries in order to nourish the health and vitality of our lives and of our civilisation. Together we will dance the Archetypal Models rooted in our unconscious: we will dance our Gods & Goddesses C.J. Jung in his autobiography reflected that the study of the myths and archetypes of the collective unconscious that he had carried out at a theoretical level should in the future reach a physical dimension which encouraged Rolando Toro to do just this.. You are welcome to join us for this discovery of our inner wisdoms and intuitions.

Place: St Werburghs Primary School, Willows Site, James Street, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9US

Cost : £135 | Reservations in Advance   antoinette@biodanza4all.com

Alejandro Balbi Toro is grandson of Rolando Toro Araneda (Creator of Biodanza). He travels the world teaching.

The Tree of Desires with Sergio Cruz (Italy)

Saturday 23 Nov 11-7pm & Sunday 24 Nov 10-5pm
How can I stay faithful to myself through the labyrinth of existence?

‘When I dance it I become my desire’ Rolando Toro Araneda

Prof: Rolando Toro presents us with a question:

“Do we listen to our wishes to reach our destiny? Knowing what we want from life and into life is part of the process of expressing our deepest identity. If we desire strongly enough something then we can become our desire. When we love, we become Love.”

Without desires/wishes our potentials of life remain silent

Our desires derive from our instincts and they are:

-Temporary whose satisfaction produces joy

-Permanent whose satisfaction produces happiness

Often we mix up the immediate temporary wishes, connected with a ‘desire object’ with the deep permanent ones, which do not depend on any object.

In this workshop, through collective and individual dances, each participant will be invited to navigate in its depths and, discovering its star guides, “vivenciate” its potential by dancing and connecting to life. From the seeds to the most exquisite and perfumed fruits, we will dance and celebrate the growth and the expression of our Desires.

Place: St Werburghs Primary School, Willows Site, James Street, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9US

Cost : £135 | Reservations in Advance   antoinette@biodanza4all.com

  • Qualified Didactic Teacher since over 30 years, he`s didactic director of the School of Bologna Rolando Toro – the longest operating school in Europe which is in its its 14th 3 year cycle.
  • Brasilian, born in San Paolo the 11th January 1956. He graduated as a Dentist Surgeon in 1979 in USP “University of San Paolo”. He worked as odontologist for 12 years in S.Paolo, Brasil.
  • In 1982 started to practice Biodanza® directly with its creator, prof. Rolando Toro Araneda, who at that time held weekly classes in that big town.
  • In 1988 came to bring Biodanza® in Europe together with prof. Toro, of whom he was already assistant.
  • He is member of International Biocentric Federation (IBFed) and travels the world teaching Biodanza.
Renewal! Rejuvenation! Nourishment - filled with intention!

2nd Biodanza New Year Retreat in beautiful Forest of Dean

with Antoinette Lorraine
Saturday 11 January 11am - Sunday 12 January 4pm 2025
Dear Friends: I invite you to join us : the description I can use is ‘enchantment’. You will be enchanted in this most magical of experiences – the relaxation, the sigh of relief to be in such a beautiful experience, the deep healing which comes from the environment, the group and Biodanza – being in togetherness. warmest love Antoinette Lorraine
We will be in the most beautiful place: lovely accomodation with a lovely lounge and log fire – set in beautiful grounds complete with a firepit and stream running through. We will be in a place that has been described as ‘Heaven on Earth”. What nicer way to call in the New Year……in lovely company, delicious food, beautiful place in nature….. The beautiful garden contains a stream and a firepit where will will make a ceremony together.
The woods nearby contain the ancient St Anthonys Sacred/Holy Well which we will visit to make a ceremony together.. We can have a lovely retreat here together: Dancing, connecting, setting intentions and calling in the New Year in a most potent way. We will be able to dance, to connect, to set intentions by the firepit and celebrate the hailing of a New Year! Renewing, revitalising, Renourishing ourselves…
Place: Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Cost : to be confirmed includes overnight stay and lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast and lunch Sunday.
Please inform me when you have made your payment.
Arrival 11am Saturday 11 January and Departure Sunday 4pm 12 January.
Reservations in advance

email to book