What is Biodanza?

Defining Biodanza is as hard as trying to define life. A cognitive approach is not going to work, we will only find the true meaning by living/experiencing it. Biodanza comes from Rolando Toro Araneda who wanted to make the world a happy and warm place for everyone. He observed the natural cycles we all go through on a daily basis. The awakening and activation and energetic phase and the rest regulation, repair and balance phase. Our busy lives bring us further away from a natural rhythm and that shows in the problems of our civilisation. We lose vitality, we lose affection, we lose the ability to feel pleasure , we lose creativity and lose feelings of fullness and harmony and Biodanza brings it all back to us. Biodanza helps us to learn how to move again, how to express ourselves again and how to connect and feel. We stimulate integration of what we think, what we feel, wish and do and this connects us with LIFE


The Biodanza School offers a fantastic teacher training programme. 


We have weekly Biodanza classes based in Bristol and Cardiff.


We offer events ranging from one day work shops to international Biodanza retreats.


For any enquiries please email