“Biodanza is not a mere set of exercises to music or a conventional system of emotional expression, but rather a new vision of life, a process of human development, identity integration, inner transformation, and of developing our human potentials. Biodanza is about learning to ‘dance life’ and rediscover the ‘pleasure of living’ “Rolando Toro Araneda

What are the Five Lines of Vivencia?

During the Biodanza workshop we stimulate and re-awaken our genetic possibilities and potentials for our everyday life. Those potentials that were blocked, hindered, repressed by our cultural limitations.

Rolando Toro Araneda

How does Biodanza benefit us?

Biodanza seeks to regain connection to life

Prevents and decreases stress

Strengthens the immune system

Facilitates the expression of emotions

Awakens the connection to life

Strengthens self-esteem and identity

Develops creativity and enthusiasm

Promotes affective communication

Generates well-being and fullness

The Seven Powers of Biodanza
The power of

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