Honouring our Marvellous Essence


With Antoinette Lorraine and Friends

Arillas is the perfect place for us to be in the pleasure of living, connecting with our marvellous essence, to discover ourselves in beauty and joy. We all deserve to be pampered by our environment and by each other. We can immerse ourselves in the elements of earth, air, fire, water, connect with our inner Gods and Goddesses and be held by the beautiful sea and by the exquisite atmosphere of this unique place. We will be enveloped in love and abundance and the effects are long lasting.We are in a beautiful place in nature and complete with swimming pool and near the sea. People return again and again and you are welcome to join us.

Travel & Accomodation

Most frequent questions and answers

Flights are often cheaper later on in the summer but it is important to reserve your accomodation place even if you are not sure when you will arrive and leave.

If possible I will put you in touch with anyone else who is travelling on the same flight as yourself .

Accommodation is made up of shared apartments which are divided into 2 twin bedrooms plus lounge and kitchen. The complex is beautiful and atmospheric with many flowers and swimming pool. There are free bikes available and you can also hire motor scooters, car etc nearby if you want.

The family grow all their own food and in fact supply most of the tavernas in Arillas with their vegetables and fruit. The meals are generous healthy and delicious with many dishes and include vegetarian/vegan on request (although a lot of Greek food is good for vegan diet).

Registration and introduction will be at 17:30 on the Tuesday…… Dinner will be at 19:00 We finish after breakfast on Tuesday…… . Most people stay over and leave on the Wednesday. Those leaving on ……We will share a minibus on the way back to the airport and have breakfast in a bakery with a verandah and a beautiful view. There will be an optional trip to the beautiful village of Afionas on ….and a final meal in Arillas in the evening which is optional.

Arillas is approximately 50 minutes from Corfu airport.

Airport transfers can be arranged and when there is the possibility to share with others the cost is cheaper. If there is no possibility to share because there is not someone arriving at a similar time to you then please contact the Holiday taxi which is much cheaper and will also pick you up from the airport.

Further Information

Workshop payment of £150 / €170 euro
Accomodation and meals payment €50 per day includes breakfast and evening meal.

We enjoy breakfast and evening meal all together.

Many people leave on Wednesday …. September so there is an optional visit to Afionas on Tuesday ……. September – again there are spectacular views (minibus to take us up there, and we can walk back – its downhill!) and a final dinner on the beach front together in the evening.

There will be an agenda and we will be able to have a beach event.

Plenty of free time in the afternoons to lounge around the Nikos pool or to go to the beautiful sea.

Everyone is in agreement that Arillas Is the best place to be!
You are welcome to arrive days earlier or stay days after the event. But it is important to inform me as soon as you know the dates They are a very popular and busy place…… In particular if you want to arrive before the holiday begins and stay I will need to know as soon as possible because of the popularity . I will be there at least one week before the holiday begins and you are welcome to join me.
Regarding early and later stays. The daily cost is less before and after the holiday because it does not include the meals. (although of course you can order food there and there are also lots of tavernas nearby).


For any inquiries please email

Once again, Antoinette, I am filled with the joy and bliss of Biodanza , the loving community that is created , the healing powers of sun, sea, air, and environment that is Arillas, the Nikos generosity and care, and of course at the centre, you who has created this unique experience ! I am full up and feel blessed to have been with you, love and thankfulness to you Gloria
‘It was an unforgettable experience, full of love and wonderful people. I am so happy for meeting you all’