Antoinette Lorraine

My background was as an Administrator and I went on to train as a Naturopath and Counsellor. My passion in dance began in 1990 with my own very powerful personal transformational experience. I was literally catapulted into teaching with full classes much to my own surprise!

I taught 5 rhythms dance for 12 years in UK and during that time I also trained as a Biodanza teacher.

I have been doing Biodanza since 1992. I have been teaching Biodanza since 2000 and I was the first Biodanza teacher living in the Netherlands who began the weekly groups there.

I trained over 40 teachers in my School of Midden-Nederland, Utrecht before return to UK. I continue to work in Netherlands as well as internationally and I am now Director of the IBFed Rolando Toro School based in Bristol. I have weekly groups in Cardiff and Bristol and I initiate projects in the areas.

I have specialised in the areas of Biodanza Aquatica, Biodanza in Companies. The Minotaur Project, Biodanza with Children, Biodanza Massage (Affective Touch), Biodanza & Shamanism, Biodanza with Elderly, Pathways to Ecstasy, The Four Elements. I specialise in introducing Biocentric ways of working into companies both with employees and management and I work as part of the Genesis Project Consultancy with company directors internationally.

Each year I organise the Biodanza Tribal Gathering in Netherlands for adults, adolescents and children where we share the possibility of existing together in the Biocentric Way – respect, joy, cooperation, harmony and love. This has become an international gathering and people return again and again.

I am very passionate to work with integrity, empathy and pleasure and my experiences mean that I have the depth of understanding of the process of personal development.

I thank Rolando Toro Araneda for his inspired creation which he manifested and that has given so much profound transformation to many and a wonderful meaningful profession to so many also.

I am sure this system is a pathway to help humanity in the search for love and expansion of consciousness (awareness) to care for each other and our planet. As Rolando said ‘ How can we change the world, without changing ourselves’.

I have a deep commitment to introducing Biodanza into social/clinical settings and I have set up the conference of Biodanza Social/Clinical Forum in the Bristol School.